Hafiz Haseeb Qadri (Manager) of Hafiz Habib Qadri

Hafiz Haseeb Qadri has manged first Album (Salam) of Hafiz Habib Qadri & Directed all of his songs, Hafiz Haseeb Qadri is a great Content designer of his videos, Specialy the most viral songs are, Ya nabi salam alayka & Ya salam, Hafiz Haseeb Qadri has a good ability to grow up with Artist & to be a good Manager, He is working with Hafiz Habib Qadri from the first Album and all of his next songs are also managed by Hafiz Haseeb Qadri, Hope he ,ll try with his best ablities to be a part of Hafiz Habib Qadri Team.

Hafiz Habib Qadri

Hafiz Habib Qadri is a Pakistani Islamic Singer . He is a Islamic Scholer, Quran Reciter & Islamic Singer From early age , Hafiz Habib Qadri set out to become a performer and professional Islamic Singer, He started his music career with islamic Nasheed with the first Nasheed , Ya Nabi Salam Alaika & others that was already released & more latest are out soon so stay tuned for more & Subscribe his Official Youtube channel for his future updates